Love and hate

I was (and still am) really motivated when I decided to make the move to live abroad. People knowing me well know there is always a « why » or « how » question after each answer or fact. I am a simple really (too much) curious. When I travel, I hate (really) hate tourists, tourist place, and cliché. I just don’t understand when I hear people saying I like a certain place, a city, how amazing this country is etc etc. For me, before saying out loud or before pretending you love certain things about a city, you have to live in it, live the real life. Leave your rain-wind coat, your tourist hat, and your tourist look and try to melt in the population. Go get yourself lost in a weird non-touristic place, go at the supermarket and try and buy some food without having any idea if it will be good or disgusting.

London, 2 months later… I do have a love and hate relationship with the city, the country and the people.

Here’s my list

I hate

–    The transport system – especially the Underground
–    The British administration
–    The British food
–    The noise
–    The Brits make their own rule
–    The Brits always nice even if they don’t care about you.
–    The laziness of the Brits
–    People not willing to help you when they need to follow a certain rule
–    Everything is deep fried

I love

–    The Transport system – especially the Bus system
–    The pubs
–    Big houses to live in
–    The Brits are nice, even if they don’t give a sh*t about you.
–    You can dress the way you want. Seriously.
–    Their sense of humour
–    Easy to travel to other countries
–    Brits are open-minded – I saw in an HMV – Gay film section and Black film section – How amazing?
–    The Indian restaurants
–    The Ice cream truck in my street everyday at 4:30 pm – I hear its music!

Considering my list – Some things about photography can be easier or harder – I am working on it 🙂

I now live in Plaistow – East of London with Marie, my super great housemate from Germany. I live in a cute house with a garden on a quiet street. I love the place 🙂


~ par Mel sur juillet 30, 2009.

2 Réponses to “Love and hate”

  1. it’s really interesting to live abroad, I can understand you 😉

  2. OMG – Let’s all start our own love and hate lists! Yeah!


    I hate:

    1. Dark, slushy, rainy, cold, damp winter.
    2. Everyone wearing the same Stockholm uniform day in and day out.
    3. Swedish people’s conservative approach to life.
    4. Socialist era shopping where all stores carry the same products.
    5. The quiet city with laid-back nightlife.
    6. Boring open spaces.
    7. Crap Swedish beer.

    I love:

    1. Long, sunny (mostly), bright, bright Swedish summer.
    2. Swedish people’s balanced approach to life.
    3. Knowing you will be able to find the same products everywhere you go.
    4. Laid-back nightlife.
    5. Open spaces with lots of nature and endless possibilities for enjoyment.
    6. Kardemummabullar
    7. Glögg and gingerbread cookies.

    Post PHOTOS, Melly-Mel!!!



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